Smoosh: A Musical Sister Act Pre-teen sisters Asya and Chloe make up Smoosh, the latest band to rock Seattle. They've been touring this year with Pearl Jam and Sleater-Kinney and have a debut CD, She Like Electric. NPR's Jennifer Ludden talks with the band.

Smoosh: A Musical Sister Act

Smoosh: A Musical Sister Act

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Songs from Smoosh

In the classic tradition of families who rock, like the Beach Boys and The Black Crowes, there's now Smoosh. The Seattle-based band has been touring this year, opening for Pearl Jam, Sleater-Kinney and Death Cab for Cutie. Now they're promoting their first album, She Like Electric, but they try not to let the hectic schedule interrupt their day jobs -- as elementary and junior high students.

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William Anthony

NPR's Jennifer Ludden speaks with the members of Smoosh: sisters Asya, age 12, and Chloe, 10.

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