Director James Cameron's Deep Obsessions James Cameron's new project combines two of his longstanding pursuits: deep-sea diving and alien life. The successful director says the fact that the animals in question live deep in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean doesn't make them any less foreign. Hear Cameron and NPR's Neal Conan.

Director James Cameron's Deep Obsessions

Director James Cameron's Deep Obsessions

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James Cameron on the set, balancing camerawork with diving. Lightstorm Entertainment hide caption

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Cameron teamed up with Bill Paxton, left, for the diving exploration film Ghosts of the Abyss. PR Newswire hide caption

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James Cameron has directed some of the biggest hits to come out of Hollywood in the past 20 years, from the Terminator series to The Titanic.

After breaking into the film business on the strength of his special effects and cinematography work, Cameron has earned a place among the best storytellers working in film today. His ability to meld epic themes with cutting-edge technology translated into large audience support for his work, as his movies have earned hundreds of millions of dollars.

His work on The Titanic led him to make Ghosts of the Abyss, a documentary-style exploration of the actual Titanic's resting place.

Cameron's latest project is Aliens of the Deep, a documentary about creaturs living at the bottom of the ocean. The project, filmed along the Mid-Ocean Ridge, will be in IMAX theaters in January.

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