Marianne Faithfull, Finding A Fresh Voice Marianne Faithfull, 58, talks about her new CD Before the Poison. It's bolstered by collaborations with PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. Faithfull supplies lyrics and a voice that has turned into a husky growl.

Marianne Faithfull, Finding A Fresh Voice

Marianne Faithfull, Finding A Fresh Voice

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Marianne Faithfull has made the rounds. From the top of the pop charts, to the stage of London's Royal Court Theatre, to the streets of SoHo and back. She's emerged a survivor.

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Courtesy of the artist

Enduring the various twists and turns of her life and career has required adaptation. Her voice has adapted as well, from the whispery sweet-sound of 1964's "As Tears Go By" to the punk-edged rasp of 1979's "Broken English" to a mature, husky growl.

The 2005 voice is the one heard on Before the Poison, her latest recording. Faithfull dropped by the studios at NPR West to talk about the CD.