Sound Restoration We learn about what old sounds can and can't be restored. Sound restorer Steve Smolian demonstrates how he goes about his job using materials provided by Quest for Sound line callers as part of Lost and Found Sound. From listener Laurie Baker's little sister singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful" to listener Martha Platt's grandmother speaking in Swedish - Smolian uses his talent and specialized equipment to bring back long lost voices.

Sound Restoration

Lost and Found Sound: Steve Smolian Shows Tricks of the Trade

Sound Restoration

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Aldolfina "Fina" Bergroth, 1906 wedding picture. Martha Platt, her granddaughter hide caption

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Martha Platt, her granddaughter

The Voigt Children, circa 1958. Anne died soon after this photo was taken. Back row: Chuck (14); Anne (11) Center row: Christine (18); Alice (7) First row: Robin (baby); Laurie (2); Karen (4) Laurie Voigt Baker. hide caption

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Laurie Voigt Baker.

Produced by Jay Allison.

Our Quest for Sound phone line brings calls from listeners not only wanting to contribute their treasured sound to the Lost and Found Sound series for millions to hear, but who also want simply to HEAR the sound for themselves.

Often, people's precious moments are stored on inaccessible material such as cardboard, aluminum, wire, 78 rpm records and even 33 1/3 rpm records. In some cases the material is so old that its condition has deteriorated. So we called in sound restorer Steve Smolian of Frederick, MD to help bring listeners' special moments back to life.