'Cuttin' Up' at the Barbershop The black barbershop provides an open forum for social commentary. A new book, rich with photos, explores that territory. It's called Cuttin' Up: Wit and Wisdom from Black Barber Shops.

'Cuttin' Up' at the Barbershop

'Cuttin' Up' at the Barbershop

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The black barbershop has long been a kind of open forum for social commentary, a phenomenon noted in many a movie, including Barbershop itself.

Now the book Cuttin' Up: Wit and Wisdom from Black Barbershops explores the same territory.

Craig Marberry wrote the book after conducting interviews in black barber shops across the country. He tells Ed Gordon a little bit about what he found.

And talk about coming full circle, at least where the lively arts are concerned: Cuttin' Up has also been adapted for the theater, and opens this November at Washington, D.C.'s Arena Stage.

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'Cuttin' Up: Wit and Wisdom of Black Barber Shops'

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