The Hits Just Keep Coming Shouting DJs and shock news were the hallmarks of radio station CKLW outside Detroit in the 1960s and 70s, where NPR's Don Gonyea grew up.

The Hits Just Keep Coming

Lost and Found Sound: When CKLW-AM Radio Meant Music

The Hits Just Keep Coming

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CKLW, the big 8 sticker

CKLW 800 AM was THE radio station for NPR's Don Gonyea where he grew up outside Detroit, Michigan. It was his primary source for music and entertainment in the 1960s and 70s, as it was for many young people. Whether they were driving their cars, or lying on the beach, it was always to the tune of CKLW.

Not only did the station beam a powerful signal, its top 40 format featured an aggressive mix of popular music, bellowing disc jockeys and sensational newscasts. Listen to this edition of Lost and Found Sound as Don plays us the greatest hits of CKLW.

Thank you to the following people for opening up their personal archives and giving interviews and advice: Jon Belmont, ABC News, New York; Charlie Brown, Perrysville, Ohio; Keith Radford, Buffalo, New York; Ron Humanny, Detroit, Michigan; Art Vuolo, The Michigan Radio Guide/Vuolo Video; Tom Connard, The Aircheck Factory - Wild Rose, Wisconsin; Jo Jo Shutty MacGregor