'Hungry Planet: What The World Eats' The authors of a new book, Hungry Planet, set out to see how families in 24 regions feed themselves each week. They wanted to see how globalization, migration and other factors affected the diets of communities around the world.

'Hungry Planet: What The World Eats'

'Hungry Planet: What The World Eats'

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The Mendoza family and a servant in their courtyard in Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Guatemala, with a week's worth of food. © 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats' hide caption

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© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'

The Mendoza family and a servant in their courtyard in Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Guatemala, with a week's worth of food.

© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'

Imagine inviting yourself to dinner with 30 different families... in 24 countries. Imagine shopping, farming, cooking and eating with those families... taking note of every vegetable peeled, every beverage poured, every package opened.

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Photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio discuss the challenges a Sudanese mother confronts in feeding her family in a refugee camp in Chad.

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Menzel and D'Aluisio tell Michele Norris what $500 in food buys for a family in Germany.

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Menzel says traveling around the world to work on the book helped him realize how big Americans are.

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Well that's what photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D'Aluisio did for their new book, Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.

The husband-and-wife team wanted to see how globalization, migration and rising affluence are affecting the diets of communities around the globe.

Each chapter of their book features a portrait of a family, photographed alongside a week's worth of groceries. There's also a detailed list of all the food and the total cost.

The Aboubakar family of Darfur province, Sudan, in front of their tent in the Breidjing Refugee Camp, in eastern Chad, with a week's worth of food. © 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats' hide caption

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© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'

Chad: The Aboubakars of Breidjing Camp

Grains & Other Starchy Foods: **

Sorghum ration, unmilled, 39.3 lb; corn-soy blend ration (called CSB), 4.6 lb.


Not available to them.

Meat, Fish & Eggs: $0.58**

Goat meat, dried and on bone, 9 oz; fish, dried, 7 oz. Note: Periodically, such as at the end of Ramadan, several families collectively purchase a live animal to slaughter and share. Some of its meat is eaten fresh in soup and the rest is dried.

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: $0.51**

Limes, small, 5; pulses ration, 4.6 lb, the seeds of legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, and fava beans. Red onions, 1 lb; garlic, 8 oz; okra, dried, 5 oz; red peppers, dried, 5 oz; tomatoes, dried, 5 oz.

Condiments: $0.13**

Sunflower oil ration, 2.1 qt; white sugar ration, 1.4 lb; dried pepper, 12 oz; salt ration, 7.4 oz; ginger, 4 oz.


Water, 77.7 gal, provided by Oxfam, and includes water for all purposes. Rations organized by the United Nations with the World Food Programme.

Food Expenditure for One Week: 685 CFA francs/$1.23

**Market value of food rations, if purchased locally: $24.37

The Melander family -- Jörg, 45, and Susanne, 43, with sons Kjell, 10, and Finn, 14 -- in the dining room of their home in Bargteheide, Germany, with a week's worth of food. © 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats' hide caption

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© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'

Germany: The Melanders of Bargteheide

Grains & Other Starchy Foods: $31.98

Kölln muesli, 3.3 lb; Golden Toast whole grain bread, 3.3 lb; potatoes, 2.8 lb; brown bread, 2.2 lb; white bread (Italian style), 2.2 lb; bakery buns, 1.3 lb; Barilla linguini, 1.1 lb; Barilla rotini, 1.1 lb; Harry rye bread, 1.1 lb; wheat flour, 10.6 oz; croissants, with chocolate, 9 oz.

Dairy: $64.33

Milk, low fat, 3.2 gal; Onken yogurt, low fat, 9.9 lb; Velfrisk Danish fruit yogurt, 2.1 qt; Froop fruit yogurt, 3.6 lb; Langnese banana split ice cream, 2.2 lb; hard cheeses, assorted, 1.8 lb; Greek yogurt spreads, assorted, 1.1 lb; whipping cream, bio (organic), 14.1 oz; sour cream, 10.6 oz; Milsani butter, 8.8 oz.

Meat, Fish & Eggs: $51.31

Beef, 2.6 lb; goulash beef, 2.5 lb; eggs, 12; cold cuts, 1.4 lb; beef, ground, 1.3 lb; Iglo fish sticks, frozen, 1.3 lb; pork, thinly sliced, 1.1 lb; Lloyd herring fillets, canned, 14.1 oz; bacon, 4.6 oz.

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: $78.10

Oranges, 9 lb; apples, 3.9 lb, from family apple tree; yellow bananas, bio, 2.6 lb; red grapes, 10.6 oz; white cabbage, 1 large head, 11 lb; cherry tomatoes, 3.3 lb; green peas, frozen, 2.2 lb; yellow onions, 2.2 lb; cucumbers, 2.1 lb; kohlrabi (turniplike vegetable), 2.1 lb; butter lettuce, 2 heads; iceberg lettuce, 2 heads; fennel root, 1.8 lb; sour pickles, 24.4 fl oz; arugula, 1.2 lb; carrots, 1.1 lb; leeks, 1.1 lb; mushrooms, 10.6 oz; radishes, 9.8 oz; red bell peppers, 8.6 oz; yellow bell peppers, 8.6 oz; pickled peppers, 7.2 oz; green onions, 6.4 oz; garlic, 0.2 oz.

Condiments: $31.83

Extra-virgin olive oil, 16.9 fl oz; Homann 1,000 Islands salad dressing, 10.6 oz; Kühne mustard, 8.8 oz; sugar, 8.8 oz; Heinz tomato ketchup, 8.5 fl oz; sea salt, 7.1 oz; lard, 4.4 oz, for frying; powdered sugar, 4.4 oz; LÄTTA margarine, low fat, 4.4 oz; paprika, 3.5 oz; black peppercorns, 1.8 oz; balsamic vinegar, 1.7 fl oz; oregano, 0.2 oz; Bourbon vanilla bean, 1.

Snacks & Desserts: $14.56

Chocolate, assorted, 1.1 lb; stollen (a buttery German cake), 1.1 lb; pistachios, 10.6 oz; bakery cinnamon rolls, 2.

Prepared Food: $66.78

Dr. Oetker pizza, frozen, 2.5 lb; Knorr tortelloni, frozen, 2 lb; vegetables in butter, frozen, 2 lb; Erbsen-Eintopf pea soup, canned, 27.1 fl oz; Bertolli tomato, garlic, and pecorino cheese pasta sauce, 13.5 fl oz; olives with almonds, 10 oz; dried tomatoes in olive oil, 8.6 oz; instant soup, 7.1 oz; vegetable stock, 6 tablespoons. Cafeteria meals, five days a week: Finn at school, pizza or spaghetti; Kjell eats lunch at home (already listed); Jörg at work, green salad, meat salad, rouladen with potatoes and vegetables, spinach with potatoes and sausage, chili con carne. Susanne eats yogurt at work.

Beverages: $70.17

Jakobus soda water, 12 25.4-fl -oz bottles; Erdinger beer, alcoholfree, 10 16.9-fl -oz bottles; Frucht-Oase multi vitamin fruit

juice, 4 1.1-qt cartons; Einbecker Ur-Bock beer, 10 11.1-fl -oz bottles; Quinta Hinojal red wine, 4 25.4-fl -oz bottles; Flensburger malt beer, 8 11.2-fl -oz bottles; Frucht-Oase multi vitamin orange juice, 2 1.1-qt cartons; cocoa powder, 14.1 oz; Lavazza espresso, 8.8 oz; fruit tea, 7.1 oz; black tea, 25 teabags; tap water, for cooking and drinking.

Miscellaneous: $91.01

Centrum vitamins, 7 pills, taken by Susanne daily. Vitamins and supplements taken by Susanne and children: Herbalife products: Formula 1, powder, 7.3 oz; AloeMAX, 2 fl oz; Formula 2, 45 pills; vitamin B, 45 pills; Formula 3, 23 pills; Formula 4, 23 pills; Herba-Lifeline, 23 pills; Coenzyme Q10 Plus, 8 pills.

Food Expenditure for One Week: 375.39 euros/$500.07

The Revis family in the kitchen of their home in suburban Raleigh, N.C., with a week's worth of food. © 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats' hide caption

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© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'

USA: The Revises of North Carolina

Grains & Other Starchy Foods: $17.92

Red potatoes, 2.3 lb; Natures Own bread, sliced, 1 loaf; Trix cereal, 1.5 lb; Mueller fettuccini, 1 lb; Mueller spaghetti, 1 lb; Uncle Ben’s Original white rice, 1 lb; Flatout flatbread wraps, 14 oz; New York Original Texas garlic toast, 11.3 oz; Harris Teeter (store brand) Flaky Brown-n-Serve dinner rolls, 11 oz.

Dairy: $14.51

Harris Teeter milk, 1 gal; Kraft cheese, shredded, 8 oz; Kraft sharp Cheddar cheese, sliced, 8 oz; Kraft Swiss cheese, sliced, 8 oz; Kraft Cheese Singles, 6 oz; Kraft Parmesan cheese, grated, 3 oz; Harris Teeter butter, 2 oz.

Meat, Fish & Eggs: $54.92

Harris Teeter beef, pot roast, 2.5 lb; Harris Teeter pork chops, 1.9 lb; Harris Teeter chicken drumsticks, 1.7 lb; eggs, 12; Harris Teeter chicken wings, 1.5 lb; Armour Italian-style meat balls, 1 lb; Gwaltney bacon, Virginia-cured with brown sugar, 1 lb; Harris Teeter ground turkey, 1 lb; shrimp,‡ 1 lb; StarKist tuna, canned, 12 oz; honey-baked ham, sliced, 9 oz; smoked turkey, sliced, 7.8 oz.

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: $41.07

Dole yellow bananas, 2.9 lb; red seedless grapes, 2.4 lb; green seedless grapes, 2.2 lb; Birds Eye baby broccoli, frozen, 4 lb; yellow onions, 3 lb; Green Giant corn, canned, 1.9 lb; Green Giant green beans, canned, 1.8 lb; Bush’s vegetarian baked beans, canned, 1.8 lb; cucumbers, 1.4 lb; Harris Teeter tomatoes, vine-ripened, 1.2 lb; Del Monte whole leaf spinach, canned, 13.5 oz; garden salad, packaged, 10 oz; Italian salad mix, packaged, 8.8 oz; pickled mushrooms, 7.3 oz; Harris Teeter peanuts, 1 lb.

Condiments: $12.51

White sugar, 1.6 lb; Ruffles ranch dip, 11 oz; Crisco vegetable oil, 6 fl oz; Nestle Coffee-Mate, French vanilla, nonfat, 6 fl oz; Food Lion garlic salt, 5.3 oz; Hellmann’s mayonnaise, 4 oz; Newman’s Own salad dressing, 4 oz; Jiffy peanut butter,‡ 3 oz; black pepper, 2 oz; Harris Teeter Original yellow mustard, 2 oz; Heinz ketchup, 2 oz; salt, 2 oz; Colonial Kitchen meat tenderizer, 1 oz; Durkee celery seed, 1 oz; Encore garlic powder, 1 oz.

Snacks & Desserts: $21.27

Mott’s apple sauce, 1.5 lb; Munchies Classic mix, 15.5 oz; Kellogg’s yogurt-flavored pop tarts,‡ 14.7 oz; Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn, 9 oz; Harris Teeter sunflower seeds, 7.3 oz; Lays Classic potato chips, 5.5 oz; Lays Wavy potato chips, 5.5 oz; Del Monte fruit in cherry gel, 4.5 oz; Extra chewing gum, 3 pks; Snickers candy bar, 2.1 oz; M&M’s peanut candy, 1.7 oz.

Prepared Food: $24.27

Bertolli portobello alfredo sauce, 1 lb; Ragu spaghetti sauce, chunky mushroom and bell peppers, 1 lb; Maruchan shrimp flavored ramen, 15 oz; California sushi rolls, 14 oz; Campbell’s cream of celery soup, 10.8 oz; Hot Pockets, jalapeño, steak & cheese, 9 oz; shrimp sushi rolls, 7 oz.

Fast Food: $71.61

McDonald’s: 10-pc chicken McNuggets, large fries, large Coca-Cola, Filet-o-Fish meal; Taco Bell: 4 nachos Bell Grande, 2 soft tacos, taco supreme, taco pizza, taco, bean burrito, large lemonade; Burger King: double cheeseburger, onion rings, large Coca-Cola; KFC: 2-pc chicken with mashed potatoes, large Coca-Cola; Subway: 6-inch wheat veggie sub, 6-inch wheat seafood crab sub; Milano’s Pizzeria: large sausage pizza, large pepperoni pizza; I Love NY Pizza: 4 pizza slices.

Restaurants: $6.15

China Market: shrimp fried rice, 2 orders; large fruit punch.

Beverages: $77.75

Budweiser, 24 12-fl -oz cans; bottled water, 2 gal; Harris Teeter cranberry-apple juice cocktail, 4 2-qt bottles; diet Coca-Cola, 12 12-fl -oz cans; A&W cream soda, 2 2.1-qt bottles; 7UP, 6 16.9- fl -oz bottles; Harris Teeter cranberry-raspberry juice cocktail, 2 2-qt bottles; Harris Teeter ruby grapefruit juice cocktail, 2 2-qt bottles; Capri Sun, 10 6.8-fl -oz pkgs; soda,‡ 5 12-fl -oz cans, purchased daily by Brandon at school; Arbor Mist strawberry wine blenders, 1.1 qt; Gatorade,‡ 16 fl oz; Powerade,‡ 16 fl oz; Snapple, Go Bananas juice drink, 16 fl oz; Maxwell House instant coffee, 1.5 oz; Kool-Aid, black cherry, 0.5 oz; breakfast tea, 5 teabags; tap water for drinking and cooking. ‡ Not in Photo

Food Expenditure for One Week: $341.98

The Dong family in the living room of their one-bedroom apartment in Beijing, with a week's worth of food. © 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats')) hide caption

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© 2005 Peter Menzel from 'Hungry Planet: What the World Eats'))

China: The Dongs of Beijing

Grains & Other Starchy Foods: $6.52

Xiaozhan rice (a type of rice grown in China), 11 lb; white bread, 2 loaves; French bread, 2 baguettes.

Dairy: $26.29

Bright yogurt, plain, 2.1 qt; Bright milk, whole, 1.1 qt; Haagen-Dazs ice cream, assorted flavors, 11.4 oz; butter, unsalted, 7.1 oz; Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, 5.5 oz; Haagen-Dazs vanilla almond ice cream, 3 oz.

Meat, Fish & Eggs: $26.97

Flatfish, 3 lb; beef flank, 2.4 lb; pigs feet, 1.8 lb; beef shank, 1.3 lb; chicken wings, 1.3 lb; eggs, 9; beef, marinated in soy sauce, 1 lb; salmon, fresh, 9.8 oz; pigs elbows, 8.6 oz; sausage links, 7 oz; sirloin steak, 5.3 oz.

Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts: $16.45

Cantaloupe, 6 lb; oranges, 4.2 lb; firedrake fruit (sweet flavored cactus fruit), 2.3 lb; lemons, 1.5 lb; plums, 1.1 lb; tomatoes, 2.4 lb; cucumbers, 2.3 lb; cauliflower, 1 head; celery, 1.4 lb; carrots, 1 lb; taro, 13.8 oz; cherry tomatoes, 13.4 oz; long beans, 10.6 oz; white onions, 10.6 oz; shiitake mushrooms, dried, 8.8 oz; shiitake mushrooms, fresh, 5.6 oz; black fungus (agaric), 3.5 oz.

Condiments: $17.26

Luhua peanut oil, 1.1 qt; Hijoblanca olive oil, 16.9 fl oz; soy bean juice, 16.9 fl oz; orange jam, 12 oz; hot pepper sauce, 9.7 oz; salad dressing, 7.1 oz; white sugar, 7.1 oz; Maxwell House coffee creamer, 6.7 oz; sesame oil, 6.8 fl oz; BB sweet hot sauce, 5.6 oz; citron day lily, 5.3 oz, dried flower bud is used for flavoring; honey, 5.3 oz; vinegar, 5.3 fl oz, eaten with boiled dumplings; pepper paste, 3.5 oz; sour cowpea (blackeyed peas), preserved, 3.5 oz; seafood sauce, 3.4 fl oz; Knorr chicken-flavored MSG, 1.8 oz; MSG, 1.8 oz; salt, 1.8 oz; curry powder, 0.4 oz.

Snacks & Desserts: $17.70

Snack chips, 7 bags; Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 14.1 oz; Xylitol gum, 1 bottle; Dove chocolate, 8.5 oz lb; Xylitol blueberry gum, 3 pk; Xylitol gum, 3 pk.

Prepared Food: $6.12

Sushi rolls, packaged, 1.1 lb; eel strips, baked, 8.2 oz; Knorr chicken bouillon, 0.7 oz.

Fast Food: $9.17

KFC: 2 chicken hamburgers, 2 chicken burritos; 4 Coca-Cola; 2 pkgs french fries.

Beverages: $27.95

Grapefruit juice, 2.1 gal; Asahi beer, 6 12-fl -oz cans; Bright orange juice, 2.1 qt; Tongyi orange juice drink, 2.1 qt; Coca- Cola, 3 12-fl -oz cans; Great Wall dry red wine, 25.4 fl oz; diet Coca-Cola, 12 fl oz; Jinliufu rice wine, 8.5 fl oz; Nescafe instant coffee, 3.5 oz; tap water, boiled for drinking and cooking.

Miscellaneous: $0.63

Zhongnanhai cigarettes, 1 pk.

Food Expenditure for One Week: 1,233.76 yuan/$155.06 USD

Reprinted with permission from Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio. Photography: Peter Menzel. Copyright © 2005 Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, Calif.

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