This Was the Week That Was Art Chimes developed an enthusiasm for an obscure 1960s-era satire show called "That Was the Week that Was." He's kept his passion for four decades.

This Was the Week That Was

Lost and Found Sound: A Short Lived Satire Leads to a Long Obsession

This Was the Week That Was

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In 1964, NBC took a bold step into satirical live TV with a borrowed British import called "That Was the Week That Was" (TW3 for short). It was live in prime time -- one of the last shows to be live. It was smart and topical. A teenager, Art Chimes, became obsessed with it, and recorded nearly all episodes of the short-lived series. TW3 cultivated great talent: Alan Alda, Buck Henry, Gloria Steinem, Henry Morgan, David Frost, Steve Allen and many others were on the program.

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