Iraq Soldier Describes War in Poetry Poet Brian Turner served as a sergeant in the US Army's Third Stryker Brigade in Iraq. Here, Bullet, collects the poems through which he reflects the experience of war.

Iraq Soldier Describes War in Poetry

Iraq Soldier Describes War in Poetry

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Alice James Books

Brian Turner is a soldier-poet who served for seven years in the U.S. Army. Beginning in November 2003, he was an infantry team leader in Iraq with the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division.

His book, Here, Bullet, reflects his war-time experiences in graceful and unflinching poetry. Turner tells Steve Inskeep about the military tradition in his family and why he joined the Army when he was almost 30. He reads selected poems from his collection and reflects on what inspired them. One poem, Eulogy, was written to memorialize a soldier in his platoon who took his own life.

From Here, Bullet. Copyright 2005 by Brian Turner. Reprinted with the permission of Alice James Books.

Here, Bullet
By Brian Turner

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