New Pornographers' Busy Indie-Rock Coalition : World Cafe Vancouver's New Pornographers is a band made up of musicians who have their own projects in the works on the side, but the band still manages to put out catchy and witty material.

New Pornographers' Busy Indie-Rock Coalition

New Pornographers in Studio on World Cafe - 04/14/2006

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Set List

  • "Use It"
  • "Twin Cinema"
  • "The Bleeding Heart Show"
  • "Sing Me Spanish Techno"

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the New Pornographers are a sort of indie-rock supergroup with a dizzying number of members, most of whom are active in other music groups or solo careers.

New Pornographers

Primary songwriter A.C. Newman performed in the Canadian band Zumpano and his solo release The Slow Wonder was released by Matador Records. Guitarist Dan Bejar and vocalist Neko Case have their own efforts as well.

Still, the New Pornographers haven't been too distracted to keep putting out material. The group has released three albums of material in two years, the most recent being last year's Twin Cinema. In an interview, Newman talks about the "supergroup" label, trying to change their sound for their third album and writing the nonsense chorus to the song "The Bleeding Heart Show."

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