Author Michael Lewis Tackles Football's 'Blind Side' In Blind Side, Michael Lewis traces how the humble offensive left tackle has evolved into football's pivotal position. The book also tells the story of a young man with the position's rare qualities — and his escape from poverty through football.

Author Michael Lewis Tackles Football's 'Blind Side'

Author Michael Lewis Tackles Football's 'Blind Side'

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Update on Michael Oher

Michael Oher

Michael Oher is currently a sophomore at the University of Mississippi. His coaches say he is "probably the most talented player in the offensive line" for the Rebels.

He has started in every game this season as a left tackle, after playing right guard last season. As a freshman, he earned a varsity letter and played in all 11 games. He was named to the First Team Freshman All-SEC by the SEC coaches and The Sporting News after helping Rebels running back Mico McSwain establish an Ole Miss freshman rushing record.

Oher is a student in the College of Liberal Arts and has not yet picked a major.

If you read the big stories about NFL football, you'll notice that some positions get a lot more attention than others: receivers, quarterbacks and running backs. Sometimes even menacing linebackers or brilliantly athletic cornerbacks get attention, too.

But Michael Lewis' new book about football, The Blind Side, makes a counterintuitive argument: that the pivotal position on a football team today is the offensive left tackle.

Through the story of Michael Oher, a top-notch football prospect with the rare qualities of a "perfect" offensive left tackle, The Blind Side traces how the position's importance has evolved, and how money has affected the game.

The Blind Side
Evolution of a Game
By Michael Lewis

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