Legendary Racehorse Barbaro Dies Barbaro, the horse that won the Kentucky Derby, has died. He was euthanized Monday, after a series of health problems associated with a broken leg he suffered at the Preakness last year.

Legendary Racehorse Barbaro Dies

Legendary Racehorse Barbaro Dies

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The racehorse Barbaro was euthanized Monday after suffering a series of complications from a leg injury incurred at the Preakness Stakes last year.

Veterinarians at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center performed surgery on the horse Saturday night in an attempt to ease the weight load on his right hind leg, which had a painful abcess.

Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby last year and was a favorite to win the Preakness before he injured his right hind leg at the outset of the race. The injury ended his racing career, but a community of support gathered around Barbaro in hopes that he might make a recovery and live out his life peacefully.