Study Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students College students are more self-centered than their predecessors, according to a new study. The behavior, which can be traced to 1980s "self-esteem movement" and is fueled by MySpace and You Tube, carries a higher risk of violence.

Study Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students

Study Sees Rise in Narcissism Among Students

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College students today are more narcissistic and self-centered than a generation ago, according to a study released by San Diego State University. Students' scores on the study's Narcissistic Personality Inventory have steadily risen since the test was introduced in 1982.

In their study, researchers trace the phenomenon back to the "self-esteem movement" that began in in the 1980s. And, they say, young people's self-regard is fueled by current technologies such as MySpace and YouTube.

Study psychologists worry the trend, attributable to the influences of schools, media and parents, could be harmful to personal relationships and American society. The study says narcissists are more likely to have short-lived romantic relationships and lack empathy.

Jean Twenge, the study's lead author, talks with Alex Chadwick.