So Long From Bryant Park Hang out in Bryant Park all day, or at least swing by the blog.

So Long From Bryant Park

So Long From Bryant Park

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Hang out in Bryant Park all day, or at least swing by the blog.


Well as we go out, a little present for you. Some more Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and also an update on something I said yesterday. Someone on the blog wanted to know why I said the Arcade Fire was dead to us.

Well, we loved the Arcade Fire and they were going to on the show, but then they were really tired so then they couldn't come on. So then I said they were dead to us, but now I feel bad because they're not dead to us. If they ever want to come on the show, please, Win? Regine?


Yeah, just don't blow us off six hours before the show. That's all I'm asking.

BURBANK: But, but, my heart is healed. Come back on the show, please.

STEWART: I'm Alison Stewart.

BURBANK: I'm Luke Burbank.

STEWART: This is Sharon Jones as we take you out of THE BRYANT PARK PROJECT from NPR News.

(Soundbite of music)

Ms. SHARON JONES (Singer): (Singing) I've got on my mind. Led the way, let them warm it. Where I go and what I do, oh yeah.

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