Songs for Mike Doughty's Muse : World Cafe "27 Jennifers" is Mike Doughty's new single. In anticipation of his upcoming session on World Cafe, it's a full show of songs about that inspirational girl.

Songs for Mike Doughty's Muse

27 Jennifers

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Mike Doughty's "27 Jennifers" inspired World Cafe host David Dye to assemble a whole show about women named Jennifer. hide caption

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Inspired by Mike Doughty's upcoming World Cafe session and his new single "27 Jennifers," host David Dye digs into his collection for an eclectic playlist all about women named Jennifer. Inspiring songs from artists as diverse as Mitch Ryder, Sniff N The Tears, and the Everly Brothers, Jennifer is a widespread muse. It's Dye's full-show tribute to Jennifers, with Doughty weighing on the selection.

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