Adam Green, at 'Sixes & Sevens' Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker reviews Sixes & Sevens, the new album from singer-songwriter Adam Green. He co-wrote the song "Anyone Else But You" for the film Juno and co-founded the New York folk group The Moldy Peaches. Sixes & Sevens is his fifth solo album.


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Adam Green, at 'Sixes & Sevens'

Adam Green, at 'Sixes & Sevens'

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Adam Green co-wrote the song "Anyone Else But You" for the Oscar-winning film Juno. Pieter M. Van Hattem hide caption

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Pieter M. Van Hattem

Before breaking off to pursue a solo career in 2002, singer-songwriter Adam Green was, with Kimya Dawson, part of the New York-based folk group The Moldy Peaches — a band that Ellen Page, star of the Oscar-winning movie Juno thought her character seemed likely be a fan of.

In response, Green and Dawson reunited to record the hit "Anyone Else But You" for the film's soundtrack — which was for a time the No. 1 album in America.

Now Green has released Sixes & Sevens, his fifth solo album. Fresh Air's rock critic has a review.

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