Carbon/Silicon, Recorded Live in Concert Between jokes, the punk-rock legends in Carbon/Silicon — Mick Jones from The Clash and Tony James from Generation X — performed live at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on April 7. Hear this co-production with WXPN, webcast live on NPR Music.

Carbon/Silicon, Recorded Live in Concert

Carbon/Silicon, Recorded Live in Concert

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Set List

  • "The Magic Suitcase"
  • "I Love You"
  • "War on Culture"
  • "Soylent Green"
  • "Reasons to Believe" (Faces cover)
  • "The Truth"
  • "The News"
  • "Really the Blues"
  • "Why Do Men Fight"

Carbon/Silicon is Tony James from Generation X (left) and Mick Jones from The Clash (right). Courtesy of the artists hide caption

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Courtesy of the artists

Mick Jones is a bit of a joker. At World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, his band Carbon/Silicon — which also features former Generation X-er Tony James — sped through 10 songs with a reckless, freewheeling swagger. If The Clash was Jones' political outlet, then Carbon/Silicon is his self-conscious poke at society, culture, and himself.

Between each song, Jones joked with the crowd. He told them that the song "Soylent Green" — while relevant in light of Charlton Heston's recent death — was specifically about old people, chiding himself and his bandmates. But while Jones is no longer a young rocker, he hasn't lost his spry sense of mischief.

In 2002, the garage-rock-inspired duo began using extensive sampling and studio work to create its music. Carbon/Silicon's debut, A.T.O.M., appeared on its Web site in 2006, followed by The Crackup Suite, a six-song EP available for download. A full-length, The Last Post, came out earlier this year.

Carbon/Silicon hasn't yet gained as much recognition as its members' former bands, but has quickly garnered a strong following. Rounding out the band is Leo Williams on bass — he played with Jones in Big Audio Dynamite — and drummer Dominic Greensmith, formally of the British rock band Reef.