Family Music for Grown-Up Tastes Kathy O'Connell, of WXPN's Kids Corner, showcases songs from five of her favorite new family music releases. Her picks include releases by Ralph's World, Barenaked Ladies, and Justin Roberts.

Family Music for Grown-Up Tastes

This has been an outstanding season for family music. As kids' musical palettes have gotten more sophisticated, musicians have followed suit, with kid-friendly themes addressed in a wide array of musical styles.

Family Music for Grown-Up Tastes

Cover for I'm Growing

Gunnar Madsen

  • Song: Sun Comes Up
  • from I'm Growing

An album that moves through several musical genres, with a kid's natural sense of wonder at its core. Madsen, a founder of the a cappella group The Bobs, puts his keen ear for harmonies to good use.

Cover to The Rhyming Circus

Ralph's World

  • Song: Do The Math
  • from Rhyming Circus

Any kids' album that works in a reference to "Non-Euclidian" thinking is worth finding. Ralph's World mixes humanity with geometry in a song about all shapes and sizes living together.

Cover to Snack Time

Barenaked Ladies

  • Song: 789
  • from Snacktime!

What's "quirky" in Barenakes Ladies' music for adults seems naturally childlike in the Canadian band's first CD for kids. An album that's literate and silly at the same time.

Cover to Pop Fly

Justin Roberts

  • Song: From Scratch
  • from Pop Fly

The sweet-voiced kid brother you wish you had creates an imaginative collection of songs about real kids' experiences, with a focus on the whole family. "From Scratch" is about the source of Grandma's cooking.

Cover to Let Me Stay Up All Night


  • Song: There Their They're
  • from Let Me Stay Up All Night

High-energy bluegrass and funny family fiddle tunes highlight this Brooklyn-based band's first foray into music for kids. A band of teachers who educate while remembering to have fun.