Fionn Regan On Mountain Stage A master of soft, poignant folk songs, the Irish crooner has created a repertoire full of poetic lyrics backed by formidable fingerpicking. He performs at what he calls the "biggest jewelry box in the world" on Mountain Stage.

Fionn Regan On Mountain Stage

Fionn Regan On Mountain Stage

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Set List

  • "Hey Rabbit"
  • "Be Good or Be Gone"
  • "Hunter's Map"
  • "Snowy Atlas Mountains"

Irish singer-songwriter Fionn Regan reissued his debut album for the U.S. in 2007. Brian Blauser hide caption

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Brian Blauser

From County Wickland, Ireland, Fionn Regan brings his vivid and cinematic songs to Mountain Stage in an intimate performance showcasing his debut album, The End of History. A purveyor of soft and poignant songs, Regan accompanies himself on guitar with a wash of deceptively complex fingerpicking, with lyrics that employ well-constructed imagery, fables and metaphors.

Demonstrating that he sees life in a unique way, Regan refers to the Cultural Center Theater, the home of Mountain Stage, as the "biggest jewelry box in the world."

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