Biden's Link To Credit-Card Firm Questioned Joe Biden's son Hunter received consulting fees from Delaware-based credit-card company MBNA from 2001 to 2005 for work on online banking issues, a time Sen. Biden helped the credit-card industry push through key legislation.

Biden's Link To Credit-Card Firm Questioned

Biden's Link To Credit-Card Firm Questioned

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Sen. Joe Biden was one of the few Democrats who sided with credit-card companies that were trying to make it harder for people to declare bankruptcy.

At the time, his son was a consultant to Delaware-based credit-card company MBNA. MBNA employees also contributed heavily to the senator's election campaigns.

Jeffrey Birnbaum, managing editor of digital news for the Washington Times, says the issue raises questions about whether Biden is as much of an outsider to Washington's ways as the Obama campaign portrays him to be.