'Frozen River' Star Crafts A Desperate Character Best known for her role as Detective Kay Howard on the 1990s TV show Homicide: Life on the Street, actress Melissa Leo takes on cross-border smuggling in her new movie.

'Frozen River' Star Crafts A Desperate Character

'Frozen River' Star Crafts A Desperate Character

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In the film Frozen River, a Dodge Spirit unites two single moms living near each other in upstate New York: Lila, a young resident of the Mohawk reservation, and Ray, a middle-aged white woman who works part-time at a dollar store. Ray's husband abandoned her, their kids and the car, stealing money that was supposed to buy them a new double-wide trailer home. The next day, Ray finds Lila at the wheel of the Spirit, and agrees to a lucrative devil's bargain: helping Lila smuggle immigrants across the U.S.-Canada border.

Host Liane Hansen speaks to actress Melissa Leo, who stars in the critically-acclaimed independent film.

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