Rose Cousins On Mountain Stage The Canadian singer-songwriter, who notes that she hails from the setting of Anne of Green Gables, was one of the winners of the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. Here, she performs songs from her third album, If You Were for Me.

Rose Cousins On Mountain Stage

Rose Cousins in Concert on Mountain Stage - 12/24/2008

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Set List

  • "Good Enough"
  • "Pale Love"
  • "February"
  • "Dance If You Want To"

Though she grew up on a Prince Edward Island farm, Rose Cousins is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Brian Blauser hide caption

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Brian Blauser

Canadian singer-songwriter Rose Cousins was chosen as one of five co-winners in the 2007 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest for performing songwriters. Originally from a potato farm on Canada's Prince Edward Island — much like the one in the book and TV drama Anne of Green Gables, as Cousins mentions — she performs songs from her third CD, If You Were For Me, in a set recorded in December 2007.

Cousins' voice conveys an earnest sense of heartbreak and yearning on songs such as "Good Enough" and "February," while an Ani DiFranco influence shows itself on "Pale Love." Cousins invites mandolin player Mark Schimick, who performed with Larry Keel & Natural Bridge elsewhere on the radio broadcast, to join her on "Dance If You Want To." A song Cousins has yet to record, "February" gets its proper debut in the U.S. here.