Inauguration Report: Dispatches From Listeners Help NPR cover Inauguration Day by sending your multimedia reports of your experience.

Inauguration Report: Dispatches From Listeners

Location Tags

As you make your way around D.C., let us know your exact location by including the following L: tags in your dispatches. Click on each for a link to a picture.

Along The National Mall










Along The Parade Route








Anywhere Else

Use your ZIP code (L:33175) or city (L:Evanston, IL).

At least a million people descended on the nation's capital for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Whether they were on the parade route or at the swearing-in ceremony, we got thousands of user reports.

As part of Inauguration Report, NPR's social media desk collaborated with CBS News, American University and volunteer programmers to come up with a way for people across the country to send multimedia dispatches of their inaugural experience.

You can view an ongoing feed of contributions or participate yourself.

Here's how to do it:

Twitter: Send a tweet with the phrase #inaug09 or #dctrip09. We'll automatically pull the location from your profile, but you can also set your location using the tags listed on the left.

IPhone and Google Phone: Download the iPhone app from the social networking section of the iPhone app store. For the Google phone, go to the Android Market and search for "IR09."

YouTube: Upload your video and make sure to tag it either inaug09 or dctrip09.

Flickr: Using your account, upload pictures and tag them inaug09 or dctrip09. Note that pound signs are not required for flickr and youtube content.

Text: Send a text message to 66937. Begin the message with the phrase #inaug09 or #dctrip09. You can include a ZIP code or one of the location tags in the sidebar.