John Lilly On Mountain Stage By day, he's a country music historian and the editor of a magazine covering West Virginia traditional life. But Lilly also displays a steady sense of stage humor and a serious knack for a countrified melody, performing with his vintage guitar.

John Lilly On Mountain Stage

Listen Now: John Lilly in Concert

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Set List

  • "Good News/Bad News"
  • "This Old Knife"
  • "W"
  • "In Time"
  • "Friday, Sunday's Coming"

John Lilly is known as a singer, songwriter, folklorist and historian. Brian Blauser hide caption

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Brian Blauser

Singer-songwriter John Lilly brings a steady sense of humor and a serious knack for country-tinged melody to his Mountain Stage performance, recorded in March 2008. Lilly has developed his reputation not only as a performer and songwriter but also as a folklorist, historian and interpreter of music by Hank Williams and Jimmie Rodgers. He is also the editor of the West Virginia traditional arts and culture magazine Goldenseal.

Lilly begins the set solo, vintage acoustic guitar in hand, before joining the Mountain Stage house band for a couple of tunes from his latest album, Haunted Honky Tonk. Though many of his songs capture the charming side of country living, Lilly also makes a foray into then-current politics with "W." Lilly's own Easter song, "Friday, Sunday's Coming," has a gospel groove accentuated by solos from Bob Thompson on organ and Michael Lipton on electric guitar.