Live Chat: What's The Future Of American Conservatism? Coming off the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington, Political Junkie Ken Rudin discusses current conservatism and where it's headed. The chat happens live Tuesday at noon.

What's The Future Of American Conservatism?

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David Gura

David Gura, assistant editor of NPR's Talk of the Nation

Chat Participants

Ken Rudin

Ken Rudin, political editor

Kelley Vlahos

Kelley Vlahos, contributing editor of The American Conservative magazine

David Welna

David Welna, correspondent, Capitol Hill

President Obama's landslide victory left American conservatives soul-searching. Talk of the direction of the movement was everywhere at the Conservative Political Action Committee Conference.

Some said Republicans need to return to their core values, while others wondered about the beltway's influence on their ideology.

The party is at a crossroads, reeling from the aftermath of a very unpopular president and demographics that are drastically different from what they were during the peak of the Ronald Reagan era.

Tuesday at noon, Ken Rudin takes your questions and discusses where American conservatism is and where it's going. If you have any questions, now, leave them in the comments section.