Web Chat: How Often Should You Shampoo? The reason for your lackluster locks? You may be washing your hair too much. Ask the experts in a live chat on Thursday, March 19, at noon ET.

Web Chat: How Often Should You Shampoo?

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Americans love to wash their hair, to the point that for some of us, it's kind of an addiction. According to shampoo maker Procter & Gamble, the United States has one of the highest frequency rates of hair-washing in the world. But some university dermatologists say that daily shampooing is overkill and turns down the shine.

Find out more about about hair care and shampoo in our web chat. Health editor Joe Neel hosts, along with health correspondent Allison Aubrey and science editor Vikki Valentine.

On our expert panel:

Dr. Michelle Hanjani, an assistant professor of clinical dermatology at Columbia University

Jeni Thomas, a senior scientist with Procter & Gamble who conducts hair and scalp product research