Sxsw 2009: Blk Jks The Johannesburg natives in BLK JKS brew an impressive blend of punk, metal, dub, soul and Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar explosions. The group made its first trip to SXSW this year.

Sxsw 2009: Blk Jks

BLK JKS In Concert At SXSW 3/19/09

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BLK JKS' music sounds like a high-school mixtape sent through the washer: Smears of punk and metal are interrupted by Jimi Hendrix-inspired guitar explosions. Then it's all spun through layers of home-brewed dub and soul, at times sounding like a mix of TV on the Radio and Vampire Weekend — if the latter were actually from South Africa.

Tracks from a self-released EP made the blog rounds a couple years ago, and the Johannesburg band found itself the center of attention. Three of those songs made it onto the meaty Mystery EP, including "Lakeside," a ghostly song with a driving drum track that'd make Radiohead jealous. No doubt ready to expand beyond those few songs, BLK JKS' members are sure to preview new material at their first SXSW appearance. Hear the band live in concert from The Parish in Austin, Tex., on March 19.