Annuals: Growing Up Can Be 'Such Fun' : World Cafe The energetic indie-pop band's members were only 20 when their debut, Be He Me, was released in 2006. For their sophomore album, songwriter Adam Baker has discovered new depth, borrowing from ska, psychedelia and country on the colorful and appropriately named Such Fun.

Annuals: Growing Up Can Be 'Such Fun'

Annuals: Growing Up Can Be 'Such Fun'

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"Hot Night Hounds"

"Always Do"



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Intricate, melodic and vivid: The sound of North Carolina's Annuals is the epitome of sunny indie-pop. The band's thoughtful harmonies, anthemic orchestration and bright electronica have earned it rave reviews ever since the release of its 2006 indie-label debut, Be He Me.

When Be He Me broke through, the sextet's average age was only 19. An appropriately named follow-up, Such Fun, stays true to Annuals' sound yet shapeshifts through many styles, including '70s-style rock, psychedelic pop and country music.

In a session with host David Dye, songwriter Adam Baker and pianist Anna Spence talk about Annuals' democratic style and explain how the saturated rhythms of dual drumming became key to the band's sound.