M. Ward: Old Songs Gather New Moss : World Cafe Once a hidden gem in Portland's folk scene, the singer-songwriter has released a sixth studio album, Hold Time, showcasing exceptional musical arrangements. In a smattering of new songs and covers, M. Ward adds an intriguing sense of unfamiliarity to well-loved and time-honored folk rhythms.

M. Ward: Old Songs Gather New Moss

M. Ward: Old Songs Gather New Moss

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Set List

"Oh Lonesome Me"

"Chinese Translation"


"Never Had Nobody Like You"

"One Hundred Million Years"

M. Ward has released a sixth solo album, called Hold Time. Courtesy of Artist hide caption

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Courtesy of Artist

Once a hidden gem in Portland's folk scene, singer-songwriter M. Ward joins World Café for a live set with his full band.

Ward's swift guitar playing, intriguing lyrics and tender vocals have caught the attention of artists, such as Jenny Lewis, Cat Power, Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket. In 2007, he began the country-folk duo She & Him along with actress Zooey Deschanel.

Hold Time is Ward's sixth solo album, and follows up his successful 2006 release, the jazzy-folk Post War. The new album was launched last month, packed with intriguing and exceptional musical arrangements. On "Oh Lonesome Me," Ward duets with Lucinda Williams' bluesy vocals. Informed by previous versions of the tune, by Neil Young and Don Gibson, Ward's new interpretation brings a sense of unfamiliarity to the well-known song, adding new dimensions to an old favorite.

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