Exclusive First Listen: Moby, 'Wait For Me' Moby has access to high-end studios around the world, yet his latest album, Wait for Me, was made in his home studio. Inspired by a speech from director David Lynch, it feels like something to witness — like the listener is a voyeur peering into Moby's emotions. Hear the album in its entirety, Mon., 11:59 p.m. ET.


Exclusive First Listen: Moby, 'Wait For Me'

Audio for this feature is no longer available. The album was released on June 30.

Inspired by a speech by director David Lynch, Moby left the studio for his bedroom to make Wait for Me. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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Courtesy of the artist

Moby has just made his best record in 10 years — at least I think so. The new record by the DJ, singer, bassist, keyboardist, guitarist and all-around renaissance man, Wait for Me, is filled with beauty, sadness and celebration.

An album made in Moby's home studio, Wait for Me is the work of a musician who could find a much better-equipped studio. The disc feels like something I'm witnessing as a listener; like something that's unfolding. Most records are made with listeners in mind, but Wait for Me makes me feel more like a voyeur peering into Moby's emotions.

I recently read an article in which Moby describes a speech he heard by David Lynch. The essence was this: Be creative, and don't worry about how your work fits into the marketplace. Lynch went on to make a video for one of the songs on Wait for Me — it's called "Shot in the Back of the Head."

So take a First Listen to the record. Where does it fall for you as a Moby album? Did you love it the first time out, or will it take time to grow on you — or maybe both? Maybe it didn't do anything for you. Please weigh in; the discussions on these First Listens are my favorite part.