Exclusive First Listen: Bjork, 'Voltaic' Bjork's music is complex, mysterious and full of unpredictable sonic textures. Recorded live to tape at Olympic Studios in London, Voltaic spans a wide spectrum of Bjork's discography, recorded with the touring band behind Volta. Hear a version of Voltaic in its entirety.


Exclusive First Listen: Bjork, 'Voltaic'

Audio for this feature is no longer available. The album was released on June 30, 2009.

Voltaic is a new recording from Bjork, but it's not new material.

You can find it in five different flavors — I'll run through those in a moment — but first, let me talk about the music on Voltaic, the music you can hear on our site. In 2007, there was Volta, a CD of new songs from Bjork. Well, just before Bjork's performance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2007, and before beginning what would be a two-year Volta tour, she and her band went into Olympic Studios in London. There, the group recorded live to tape selections from Medulla, Homogenic, Post, Vespertine and her latest. These performances are what make up Voltaic.

Bjork's music is complex, mysterious and full of unpredictable sonic textures. The brilliant performances on Voltaic make it clear that Bjork isn't just a visionary, but also an artist who inspires those around her to create equal parts music and magic, in an effort to bring her vision to life.

So whether you choose to get the version that contains this CD (along with the spectacular concert DVD), or the version with Volta remixes, or the one with other concert audio, or even the vinyl, it's a joy to see and hear what Bjork has been doing for the past few years — and to share her visionary work.

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