Entirely Real Photos: Cupcake Alert! Sometimes, the world's cutest cupcake is the perfect capper to your day.

Entirely Real Photos: Cupcake Alert!

The Rockettes helped introduce their very own cupcakes today. Delicious. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

No, really! Literally, cupcakes!

In my favorite photo opportunity of today, the Rockettes helped launch Magnolia Bakery's "Rockette Red Velvet" cupcakes. That is an edible piece of chocolate on top, by the way, with the Rockette painted on it. Adorable. Sometimes, an adorable themed snack with a preposterous amount of icing on it just hits the spot. You know, visually.

(I want you all to know that I specifically avoided many gams-heavy photos of the Rockettes and went with the one that shows off the cupcakes most perfectly.)