What If Oceanic 815 Never Crashed? 10 Guesses ... With the return of Lost looming on the horizon, we consider how the world might be different for Locke, Charlie and the others if Oceanic 815 had never crashed.

What If Oceanic 815 Never Crashed? 10 Guesses ...

This Last Supper-style image is one of a very few promotional images that have been released in advance of tomorrow's Lost season premiere. Before we get to that, let's do some speculating ABC hide caption

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[Needless to say, if you haven't watched the show up until now and plan to do so at some unannounced time in the future, STOP READING.]

When last we left the devil-may-care residents of Lost, Locke went back to being dead, Sawyer cried and Juliet set off a hydrogen bomb that possibly reset the show's entire timeline and definitely turned the closing title white, so now we don't know what's going on. (Feel free to add an "again" or a "still" as necessary.)

With Lost's final season starting Tuesday night, we'll soon find out if a targeted nuclear explosion can prevent a plane crash or is just possibly overkill. But if it works, what will happen to the lostaways we've come to know and love (or in the case of the tailies, observe and tolerate) once Oceanic 815 touches down safely in Los Angeles? Herewith, some incredibly educated guesses.

John Locke: One of many people whose lives would be different if the plane crash had never happened. ABC hide caption

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1. John Locke sues Melbourne Walkabout Tours for discriminating against clients with disabilities, uses settlement money to establish new career as motivational speaker. Creates successful "Who Says No Man Is An Island?: Listening To The Voice Within" program.

2. Neil develops an insatiable fondness for frogurt. Can't explain why. Is later plagued with equally inexplicable chronic heartburn.

3. Three words: Drive Shaft reunion.

4. Vincent learns that squirrels are much easier to catch than kangaroos, but far less satisfying.

5. Reaction to one-shot Exposé guest character Corvette is so strong that she's brought back from (near) death and becomes a sensation, turning Nikki and Paolo into the new Brangelina and "Razzle dazzle!" into a national catchphrase.