The Willowz: Long, Flowing Locks Of Rock From chord one at the Cutting Room Studios, the members of The Willowz ripped into each song like it was their last. A never-ending tour schedule keeps the anthem-loving garage-rock band tight in the midst of its freewheeling rock shows.

The Willowz: Long, Flowing Locks Of Rock

Session Spotlight: The Willowz, 'I Know'

The Willowz, performing at the Cutting Room Studios in New York City. Beth Eisgrau-Heller/See More Photos hide caption

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The latest album from the Anaheim band The Willowz has been in regular rotation on the Morning Show here at KEXP, and with good reason. Everyone is a solid, anthem-filled garage-rock full-length that always adds energy and attitude to the show. The group's reputation as a tight live band made it an easy decision to bring The Willowz to the Cutting Room Studios when they were in New York City recently, touring with their friends in The Delta Spirit.

I'm not going to lie to you: What struck me right away was really their hair. They have some of the most fantastic hair on any band I've seen in a while. An argument could be made that a band like My Morning Jacket has better hair, but for my money, those Willowz mops win hands-down. The second thing that struck me was how generally soft-spoken and polite they were, and then, most importantly, how talented this band is live. From chord one, these guys ripped into each song like it was their last, and showed what all that time on the road has done for their live show. In fact, the engineers said it was one of the best-sounding shows they'd heard in any of our sessions.

While they were freewheeling and totally engaged in the exuberant energy of each song, the band members were also musical perfectionists when it came to every note and word that spilled out of the room that day. I'll see that band any chance I get; here's hoping we can get The Willowz in the studio again, if only to enjoy their company and their long, flowing locks.