Dress Like An Olympian: Norwegian Curling Pants And Other Distractions The Olympics bring a veritable feast of visual delights, beginning with the pants worn by the Norwegian curling team.

Dress Like An Olympian: Norwegian Curling Pants And Other Distractions

Nice curling pants, Norway! Olympic athletes never run out of surprises. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images hide caption

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Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Okay, look. They're amazing athletes, these people at the Olympics. They train for years. (And years.) Taking note of what they're wearing could easily seem like it demonstrates a lack of respect for their sport and its seriousness. They are not props! They are not celebrities on the red carpet! They are not clowns for your amusement!

But honestly, if we're going with "they are not clowns," then Norway should really have rethought those pants.

Here's the good news: if you like the pants, you can buy them! And apparently, so many people wanted to that the Olympics Twitter feed for Canadian television handed out the link. You can have your own Norway curling pants!

(Also, while I absolutely cannot vouch for it in any way -- or, let me add, any of the sellers here -- an Amazon link sent me to a site called Huge Curling Savings, which features the tag line, "Sweeping Away High Prices." Never let it be said that curling enthusiasts don't love a good curling pun as much as the rest of us.)

So how else can you look like your favorite Olympian?

Suggestions, after the jump.

If you favor the tiara sported by American skier Julia Mancuso (and elect not to show your devotion by selecting from her line of thongs) (!), you can always take the rhinestone tiara route, or if your pockets are a little deeper, an actual diamond tiara -- I'll let you look that one up yourself.

It's hard not to love gold medalist Shaun White, but ... those aren't real jeans. Or real holes. Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Interested in the snowboarding team's completely counterfeit jeans-and-plaid combo that's designed to look like you just rolled out of bed and came over to the halfpipe, but is actually made of technologically advanced Gore-Tex? Well, the good news is that you can duplicate the look for yourself using whatever has holes in it. (Honestly, would any self-respecting snowboarder wear fake jeans with fake holes in them? I'm just putting the question out there.)

Kevin van der Perren showed off his bones during the short program. Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Yuri Kadobnov/AFP/Getty Images

One of my favorite skating costumes in the men's short program on Tuesday came from Belgium's Kevin van der Perren, who wore a skeleton-inspired number. I tried and tried to place it, until it finally hit me: this is the outfit that the Cobra Kai wore to the Halloween dance in The Karate Kid. (You can see the clip here. You will see that I speak the truth.)

At any rate, want your own skeleton costume? You won't have any trouble tracking one down by simply looking for Cobra Kai outfits online. (Complete digression: I was doubly amused by an online Mr. Miyagi costume, with the tagline, "Does not include pants, undershirt, shoes or chopticks [sic] with fly.")

Of course, for some, the aspiration is not to greatness, but only to sharing the experience. Perhaps we don't need to dress like Olympians -- perhaps it is enough just to dress like fans.

This guy was very excited about watching skier Lindsey Vonn go for the gold yesterday. Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Okay, maybe not.