'This Looks So Broadway': Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes In which our comics blogger discusses (read: gushes about) the best superhero-related thing on the web this week. Here's a hint: It involves Tim Gunn saying, "The color on that cape is just ... ridiculously extreme, and ... I don't understand it."...
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'This Looks So Broadway': Tim Gunn Critiques Superhero Costumes

I KNOW, right?

I mean, Tim Gunn! On superhero costumes! Woo!


Why... Why are you still reading this? Go and click! And watch!


I don't ... you're still reading this. When the video's right there!

Perhaps I was unclear: It's TIM GUNN. At his Tim Gunniest! Being all natty and smart and thoughtful and eloquent and, as always (because let's face it, it's pretty much his mutant ability) RIGHT ABOUT STUFF.


You're STILL reading this? Really. Instead of watching Tim Gunn weigh in on:

The Jack Kirby-designed duds of Mister Miracle (a character that, after seeing Gunn's critique, you will only be able to think of as Mister Miracle-on-34th-Street);

Black Canary's whole cheesed-off-cigarette-girl look (Tim: "Well the problem with fishnets is ..." And then he proceeds to tell you the problem with fishnets!);

Catwoman's Silver Age, Modern Age and Dark Age outfits;

Batwoman's 50s-era June Cleaver iteration ("My powder puff contains sneezing powder! My hairnet expands to trap you! My charm bracelets are handcuffs!"), as well as her latter-day, slightly more Gina Gershonesque version ("Eat fist, evil-doer!");

Power Girl's much-derided boob-window ("I just believe that she owns this. I believe it. I believe her. I believe that this is who she is.");

The one superhero costume that ticks all his boxes (Not telling! You must watch!);

And much, much more. Yet still here you are. You ... really don't want to see that? You'd rather read this?

Wow. You and I are just VERY different people.

This video, which has made the rounds of the comics blogosphere the past few days, comes courtesy of the recently relaunched web series Crazy Sexy Geeks, hosted by the affable Alan Kistler.

CSG's mission statement -- to engage hardcore fan and non-comics reader alike -- is one I can definitely get behind.

The show makes for a refreshing break from other web shows about comics, many of which hew pretty close to the "It's awesome/It sucks/[character] is a badass/[other character] is insufficiently badass and thus lame" school of criticism.

And just watch Gunn, here -- he's so game, so engaged with his subject, so considered and considerate. It occurs to me that I could watch a show that's nothing but Tim Gunn talking superhero fashion.

The bad news: That's not gonna happen. The good news: In the next, soon-to-be-posted episode of CSG, Tim returns to discuss Superman, The Hulk, Robin, and more.

You can hear it now, right?

"I've got to be honest, Hulk. I really don't understand this color palette and, frankly, I question your taste level."