'30 Rock' Offers Another Dose Of Intermittent Reinforcement We take a brief look at just how good 30 Rock still is when it's good, which is ... not all the time, unfortunately.

'30 Rock' Offers Another Dose Of Intermittent Reinforcement

Part of what makes 30 Rock so frustrating is that it goes entire episodes without being really impressive, but then ... all of a sudden, everything goes right. That's what happened last night during this scene when Liz (Tina Fey) paid a visit to her ex-boyfriend Drew, played by Jon Hamm. Hamm is most famous for Mad Men, but he's now got a firmly established second career as a comedy gem. I'd point out that the last guy to do approximately the same thing was Alec Baldwin.

I would happily put this scene up against anything 30 Rock has ever done in terms of sheer weirdness and delight. The entire episode, called "Emmanuel Goes To Dinosaur Land" (it makes sense in context, believe it or not), was quite very funny, but this scene was my favorite.