Celebrities Are Just Like Us!: How A 'Big Bang' Producer Was Misunderstood In this installment of "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," a TV producer finds an innocuous tweet misunderstood. Remember: sometimes they're just chit-chatting. Really.
NPR logo Celebrities Are Just Like Us!: How A 'Big Bang' Producer Was Misunderstood

Celebrities Are Just Like Us!: How A 'Big Bang' Producer Was Misunderstood

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Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images North America

Yesterday, Bill Prady, one of the producers of CBS's The Big Bang Theory and a prolific user of Twitter, tweeted this: "Everybody sing ... 'right back where we started from...'"

It seemed like an innocent enough thing to say at the time. But then Deadline.com wrote this, under the headline "Is CBS's 'Big Bang' Headed Back To 8 PM?":

The cryptic message is subject to interpretation but it could mean the show will be returning to 8 PM where it started off before moving behind Two And a Half Menthis season. Is it a possible move on Monday or is CBS looking to make a big play outside of its signature comedy night by using its hottest comedy to anchor a new comedy block? Hmmm. We're all singing... and waiting.

Well, sure. It could mean that. Of course, it could have also had something to do with the fact that Prady had been in Europe on vacation, as he'd been tweeting about, and was headed back to, you know, California. As in, "California, here we come"?

That's what turned out to be the case.

Now, Deadline didn't write anything that wasn't true; they just speculated about what a tweet might mean. But they did momentarily forget one of the main things about celebrity Twitter accounts: celebrities write a lot about non-celebrity things.

Bill Prady doesn't only tweet about his show. Many actors don't only tweet about acting. They tweet about breakfast, or vacations, or some silly thing their kid just did. They tweet about places they're visiting, or whether they just got a new phone, or a movie they just saw. Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) tweeted recently about seeing Carole King and James Taylor in concert; doesn't mean he's going to be blowing up acoustic guitars. Joel McHale tweeted about breaking his iPad.

It's one of the charms of celebrity tweeting that very often, they're just chattering, just like everybody else. I know it's tempting to look for clues, but clues are not, in fact, everywhere.