Morning Shots: Piers Morgan, Women In Media, Tom Cruise, And Drunk Hulk In this morning's roundup: A shout-out we enjoyed, bad fortune for a political satire, the real Drunk Hulk, and Tom Cruise's future.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Piers Morgan, Women In Media, Tom Cruise, And Drunk Hulk

Morning Shots: Piers Morgan, Women In Media, Tom Cruise, And Drunk Hulk

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Could Tom Cruise even possibly lose his spot in Mission: Impossible 4 following the giant cultural "meh" received by Knight And Day? The Hollywood Reporter ponders this question.

Okay, look. I'm not made of stone over here. Yes, we were pulled into the Old Spice social media marketing campaign yesterday, and yes, the video is funny. That's all I'm going to say about it.


Talk is intensifying that America's Got Talent host Piers Morgan is set to be the new Larry King. Have they even considered the Old Spice guy? (Okay, I had one more thing to say about it.)

If you like science books, NPR's got a list of some that you might want to check out this summer. I happen to have a weakness for this genre; maybe you do, too.

The New York Times looks at the nanny novel, a genre that has carried on years after The Nanny Diaries.

Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal are involved in a political satire project that's apparently as close to being cursed as a movie can really get. Now the writer-director, David O. Russell (who directed and wrote the screenplays on both Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees) has bolted. Cost-cutting in the movie business may be on the rise, but it is not getting any more popular.

The Telegraph has an editorial from a longtime BBC personality on what she claims is extensive ageism and sexism there. It's an interesting read. On a somewhat related note, Maureen Ryan at The Chicago Tribune continues the discussion about Hollywood and women writers that recently roped in The Daily Show.

Galleycat has unmasked, and spoken to, the person responsible for the wonderfully funny Drunk Hulk Twitter feed (which has offered up such gems recently as this one: "GEORGE MICHAEL ARREST AGAIN! OR WHAT DRUNK HULK LIKE TO CALL! TUESDAY!"

It seems that every day brings news of a 3D conversion idea that makes me extremely nervous. This one involves past Pixar films including Ratatouille.

A.J. Jacobs, writer of books about reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica and living as close to a Biblical life as he could for one year, has had his latest book optioned for television.

So wait, Bret Michaels told us all that he was totally looking for love on his reality show, and now Star claims he's marrying the same girlfriend he's had on and off for more than fifteen years? I am beginning to suspect that Rock Of Love is less than genuine!