Welcome To Pop Culture Happy Hour We sit down for a chat with some of Monkey See's favorite people about television, movies, and other oddities of popular entertainment.

Welcome To Pop Culture Happy Hour

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We at Monkey See are always happy when we're chatting. We've chatted about the Oscars, Moby-Dick, American Idol, and lots more. And as much as we love copy-editing our own conversations, at some point, we thought: "You know, somewhere here at NPR HQ, there are probably microphones and recording equipment."

So to break up the summer doldrums, I'm very happy to present Pop Culture Happy Hour*, a special audio frolic in which I sat down with NPR Music's Stephen Thompson, NPR.org arts editor Trey Graham, and comics blogger Glen Weldon to talk about movies, TV, and what we're loving and not loving these days. You can even try your hand at the Regrettable Television Pop Quiz, in which you'll be asked (along with our panelists) to identify sound clips from some of the summer's most cringe-inducing shows -- including one that motivated Glen to use the phrase "eats your soul."

Topics touched upon include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, True Blood, Community, The Godfather, Wipeout, Despicable Me, Knight And Day, cooking shows, The Office versus 30 Rock, and lots, lots more.

You can listen above, or if you hit the play button and bring up the NPR player window, you'll also find a "Download" button (right under the audio's progress bar), so you can take it with you.

Caution number one: I do know there are technically three Godfather movies. I tend to forget the third one.

Caution number two: For the parts where you can't understand us because we are all laughing, I apologize. But if I am being totally honest ... not that much.

Finally: Special extra thanks to our delightful producer, Mike Katzif, who did all the actual work. Not only that, but our intro music comes from Mike's band, Hello Come In.

*It's not literally happy hour. No actual alcohol was harmed during the making of this program.