Tonight's TV (And The Weekend): No, Seriously, It's Another Cupcake Show Tonight on television, and into the weekend, there's not a lot to recommend, but for the finales of the Food Network and History Channel's summer reality shows, and a new cupcake show, if you like that sort of thing.

Tonight's TV (And The Weekend): No, Seriously, It's Another Cupcake Show

a thumb pushing a remote control button

Tonight? Well, tonight ... there's The Soup (10:00 p.m.! E!). That's always fun. Other than that ... two episodes of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta (9:00 p.m., TLC)? If you're following The Pillars Of The Earth on Starz, that's on at 10:00. Does that help?

On Saturday -- seriously, you won't believe this -- there's another cupcake show premiering. No, really. ANOTHER CUPCAKE SHOW. It's on We, it's called The Cupcake Girls, and it kicks off at 9:00 p.m. This cupcake thing, seriously? It must stop.

On Sunday, the Food Network wraps up its season of The Next Food Network Star (9:00 p.m.) Honestly, I'm not sure they'd be running this show anymore, except that they found one Guy Fieri, and there's got to be a pretty fervent hope that if they keep going, they'll find another one.

And then, at 10:00, Comedy Central spends an hour and a half roasting David Hasselhoff. Isn't that kind of ... redundant? Isn't David Hasselhoff roasting himself? Isn't he sort of ... the self-basting turkey of celebrity targets?

Also at 10:00 on Sunday night, the History Channel presents the season finale of Top Shot. As you know, especially if you listen to the Pop Culture Happy Hour, I have gotten a lot of joy out of Top Shot -- some of it ironic and some not -- so I can only send the show off with a hearty round of thanks.