Pop Culture Happy Hour: Schmemmys, Rediscoveries, And Unusual Justice In this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour, we check out some of the winners of the Creative Arts Emmys, and we try out a new segment called "Tomorrow's Rediscoveries," in which one of us predicts the reemergence of a special brand of justice.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Schmemmys, Rediscoveries, And Unusual Justice

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On this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour, we look at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards as a preview to this weekend's Emmys, and then we delve into new territory -- starting with the fact that I shoved NPR Music's Stephen Thompson into the hosting chair this week to give myself a rest. But as always, we're joined by Trey Graham and Glen Weldon, along with our producer Mike Katzif and various unlikely pop culture figures of the present and (especially) the past.

In this week's segment "Tomorrow's Rediscoveries," we consider what pop culture figure who's either currently out of fashion or currently not taken seriously might have an opportunity to rise from the ashes, as if by magic, to take what you might call a Rourke-ian journey to redemption.

Once you've heard our picks for the rediscoveries of the future -- including Glen's, which I have to say is the most creative in the group, and which I hope you can hear him explaining over our hyena-like laughter -- we'd love to hear your picks for who might be next.

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Oh, and P.S.: I have absolutely no idea where I got the thing about trailers. That's where I feel like we have to remind you that we don't really drink while taping.