An End-of-Summer Comics Linkdump. Um, 'Roundup.' Meant to Say Roundup. Photo evidence of comics readers in the wild, an interview with the creator of a seriously funny funnybook, and everything you wanted to know about the Sub-Mariner's fishscale speedos, in our comics roundup.
NPR logo An End-of-Summer Comics Linkdump. Um, 'Roundup.' Meant to Say Roundup.

An End-of-Summer Comics Linkdump. Um, 'Roundup.' Meant to Say Roundup.

We're taking a little rest as summer winds down. Just like this adorable puppy in a hammock! Who has nothing to do with any of this, really, but ... puppy in a hammock! Charles Mann/ hide caption

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Charles Mann/

Look, it's hot, it's the end of summer, and the ol'... write-words-good ... thingy in the brain is ... not ... work ... good.

So here are some quick links to tide you over until the long weekend can recharge my batteries and ... make brain ... gooder:

Want photographic evidence of how last Saturday's Read Comics in Public Day came off?  Visit the Flickr gallery. Look at my brothers and sisters, all out and proud! Liberte! Fraternite! Egalite! Nerdite!

There was a sisters-are-doin'-it for-themselves offshoot, as well.

And for all those who insisted that every day for you is Read Comics in Public Day? There's a website for you, bunky. Click with discretion, however, for although the site itself is SFWish, that URL will surely get you flagged, and possibly propositioned, by your IT guy. Don't believe me? Hot Nerds Reading Comics. Yeah. So.

NYC Graphic interviewed M. Kupperman, creator of the comic Tales Designed to Thrizzle. Why you should care: TDTT is a work of effortless (if deeply, deeply weird) comic genius; it is also, without exception, the funniest comic on the shelves right now.

Y'all remember Alan Kistler, right? The guy who got to sit down with Tim Gunn and talk superhero fashion? He also writes for the blog of the comics news site Newsarama from time to time. Recently, he devoted himself to the fashion foibles of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner. It's a long piece, but well-illustrated and engagingly written. If you're doubtful - either because you don't know from no Namor, or you know him and can't imagine how much fashion critique can be milked from a elf-eared, wing-heeled sourpuss who wears green fish-scale speedos - you should click that link.