Girls In Concert: ATP Festival 2010 The indie-rock duo had one of the biggest songs of 2009 in "Lust for Life." Director Jim Jarmusch liked the song so much, he chose Girls to perform at this year's All Tomorrow's Parties festival.
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Girls In Concert: ATP Festival 2010

Christopher Owens of Girls performs at the 2010 ATP Music Festival. Alexandra Marvar for NPR hide caption

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Alexandra Marvar for NPR

It's a rare thing to see Christopher Owens and J.R. White anywhere close to the East Coast. The San Francisco duo should call "firsts" on the California vibe that's run through so many of this year's web success stories, as the pair has been churning out catchy nuggets for more than two years. What differentiates Girls from the Johnny-come-latelies is the persuasive pathos in Owens' delivery and songwriting. Indie hits like "Lust for Life" and "Hellhole Ratrace" speak to a West Coast that isn't always 81 and sunny.

This All Tomorrow's Parties Music Festival performance, recorded Sept. 5 in Monticello, was the last New York-area show for Girls in 2010, but it won't be the last you hear from the group this year. Expect a new EP before the snow falls.

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