Chip Taylor On Mountain Stage Chip Taylor is a legendary songwriter, best known for writing hits like "Wild Thing," "Angel of the Morning," and "Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)." On his latest album, Yonkers, NY, he writes his autobiography in song.

Chip Taylor On Mountain Stage

Chip Taylor On Mountain Stage

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Set List

  • "Bastard Brothers"
  • "Hey Johnny (Did You Feel That Movie?)"
  • "Charcoal Sky"
  • "Angel of the Morning"
  • "Wild Thing"

Songwriter Chip Taylor's life, from childhood to his musical career, is as storied as they come. His songwriting alone makes him a legend: He has written hugely popular songs that have been recorded multiple times over several decades, including "Wild Thing," "Angel of the Morning" and "Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)." Taylor even left music completely for a time to reap rewards as a professional gambler.

For his latest album, named Yonkers, NY for his hometown, Taylor writes his autobiography in song, with interludes and extended storytelling passages throughout. In his sixth appearance on Mountain Stage, Taylor recounts tales about getting his first ukulele for Christmas ("Bastard Brothers"), visiting a train conductor with his father ("Charcoal Sky") and seeing Blackboard Jungle for the first time with his brother ("Hey Johnny [Did You Feel That Movie?]"). Yonkers, NY was released in two versions: a shorter, song-oriented version and one with complete storytelling passages throughout.

Along with John Plantania (of Van Morrison's band) and the Mountain Stage band, Taylor swings through tracks from Yonkers, NY, as well as a couple of his recognizable hits. The Mountain Stage band is drummer Ammed Solomon, guitarist Michael Lipton, bassist Ryan Kennedy, bandleader Ron Sowell and vocalist Julie Adams.

This is a repeat performance of Mountain Stage.