Morning Shots: Bet You Didn't Know A Pregnancy Manual Was A Rom-Com Today: A very unlikely romantic comedy emerges, the 'Footloose' remake shows signs of copying, and there really is a 'Top Gun 2,' apparently.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Bet You Didn't Know A Pregnancy Manual Was A Rom-Com

Morning Shots: Bet You Didn't Know A Pregnancy Manual Was A Rom-Com

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Fox's midseason show, formerly known as Ride-Along, is now being called The Chicago Code. Creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield) explains the change. I was absolutely crazy about this pilot, and despite the fact that being enjoyed by critics to any degree seems to be a one-way ticket to Canceltown this season, I hold out high hopes.

Lionsgate has found another book to turn into a romantic comedy: What To Expect When You're Expecting. It's good that they're doing this, because I was tired of feeling like the most nonsensical book-to-film idea ever was He's Just Not That Into You. On the other hand, the script has been handed over to Shauna Cross, who wrote the terrific and underappreciated roller-derby comedy Whip It!, so even if the premise and supposed connection to the book are tenuous at best, the movie itself might turn out okay.

Normally, celebrity red-carpet stories are slightly less interesting than people who actually do tweet exclusively about their meals. But this is kind of an adorable tale of Glenn Close not realizing why she was being asked a seemingly nonsense question, and then -- when she figured it out -- rushing back to apologize.

E! Online presents a list of five shows that are "doing better than you think." While some of them sound suspiciously like network press releases trying to put a positive gloss on ratings -- the sort of "fourth-highest 18-35 female viewer rankings of any show not airing on Sundays" argument -- if it's really true that almost ten million people eventually caught up with the Mad Men premiere, that's quite a story.

Let's get this out of the way early: remaking Footloose is one of the dumber things Hollywood is doing at the moment. Now, the director has posted some pictures that would seem to be set photos indicating that it's a very, very literal remake, right down to the outfits the main characters wear to the prom. The thing is, though ... they're so literal, and it's so informal (posted to his Twitpic feed), that I have to wonder whether this might be a prank. Would they really copy Kevin Bacon's specific jacket and tie?

Not only are we apparently getting a Top Gun 2, but contrary to initial reports, Maverick will still be the star. These reports seem to suggest Tom Cruise will be the star, but technically speaking, they don't say that.

A stinging and incisive note at the Hollywood Reporter tracks CBS's history of saying nothing when Charlie Sheen runs into trouble, then coming forward to support him after the whirlwind stops.

If you enjoy editors (and who doesn't, really?), you might enjoy today's Morning Edition piece suggesting that even the great Jane Austen used an editor to keep her writing clean.