Pop Culture Happy Hour: BOO! Halloween Fears And Costume Theory This week: It's Halloween, and Pop Culture Happy Hour is ready to embrace it, from spooky ghosts to amusement park menaces to costumes we love our mothers for making. Or, in the alternative, resent our mothers for making us wear.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: BOO! Halloween Fears And Costume Theory

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We love to live in the moment at Pop Culture Happy Hour, so this week, Stephen, Trey, Glen and I chat about our pop-culture fears -- note that mine concerns a book that's probably being tracked down on eBay as we speak -- whether they are sensible or not.

We also get into the little issue of homemade versus store-bought costumes, which leads to a broader debate about candy-distribution ethics. Finally, we all share something that's making us happy, which gives me an opportunity to show you some of the greatest, weirdest videos I have ever seen on YouTube.

So enjoy the podcast, subscribe to Culturetopia if you haven't already, and have a very happy and safe Halloween. And don't listen to any music by that artist who scares Glen. (Seriously, you will never guess. Never.)