Morning Shots: '127 Hours' Is Small But Powerful, Much Like The Queen Weekend box office, Conan's first guest (maybe), and the hunt for an Oscar host. Plus: Keith Olbermann's suspension was not terribly long, it turns out.
NPR logo Morning Shots: '127 Hours' Is Small But Powerful, Much Like The Queen

Morning Shots: '127 Hours' Is Small But Powerful, Much Like The Queen

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127 Hours, directed by Danny Boyle and starring James Franco, opened in only four theaters this weekend, but in those four theaters, it did remarkably well. Let the arm-related headline puns commence.

If you want a little bit of intel about who might be the first guest when Conan O'Brien brings his new show to TBS tonight, this link might offer some. Or, on the other hand, it might not.

If you missed the post over the weekend about Ann Widdecombe, the sensation taking the UK's Strictly Come Dancing by storm, please enjoy the video, and then check out this interesting debate from The Guardian about Widdecombe's whimsical TV turn and her past in politics.

The New York Times looks at the waning world of daytime soaps, and particularly what happens to the actors left without work when a show folds -- as several have done lately.

The Queen has joined Facebook. I repeat, The Queen has joined Facebook. Best line from The Telegraph: "Users will not be able to 'poke' the Queen."

This is an interesting discussion from The Chicago Tribune's cultural critic Julia Keller about nasty critics. The caveat I would give is that she seems to have developed her indignation about cutting down someone else's creative labor of love while at the TV critics' press tour, and when you are looking at a new network TV show, you are not necessarily looking at anyone's beloved creative product, the way you might be with a book.

Deadline is reporting that Hugh Jackman turned down an offer to host the Academy Awards this year, so the hunt for a host continues.

Well, that didn't take long: Keith Olbermann's "indefinite" suspension for making unapproved political contributions is over, and he'll be back on Countdown Tuesday night.