Crooked Still On Mountain Stage The New England quintet is not opposed to taking traditional folk tunes and adding their own invigorating stamp. They play songs old and new on their fourth Mountain Stage appearance.

Crooked Still On Mountain Stage

Crooked Still On Mountain Stage

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Watch The Interview With Aoife O’Donovan From Backstage At Mountain Stage

Set List

  • "Calvary"
  • "Half of What We Know"
  • "Henry Lee"
  • "Cold Mountains"
  • "The Golden Vanity"

Mining songs of old — like "Henry Lee," taken from a Peggy Seeger recording — and adding its own invigorating stamp has become acoustic group Crooked Still's defining characteristic. In its fourth appearance on Mountain Stage since hitting the road six years ago, the group performs songs from its fourth studio album, Some Strange Country.

Founding members Aoife O'Donovan (vocals), Gregory Liszt (banjo) and Corey DiMario (bass) are joined by the group's newest members, Tristan Clarridge (cello) and Brittany Haas (fiddle), who have appeared on the last two Crooked Still albums and its Live release.

This Mountain Stage performance was originally published Nov 9, 2010.