Pop Culture Happy Hour: We Give Thanks, Try Comics, And Debate Happiness On this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour, Glen Weldon introduces the rest of the team to the wonderful world of comics, and we take a moment to debate whether being thankful is totally gross before admitting that we are, in fact, thankful.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: We Give Thanks, Try Comics, And Debate Happiness

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It's Glen Weldon who says of this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour that it constitutes his attempt to introduce three "normals" to the world of comics. (We actually did homework!) It's safe to say this is the only time that I, Trey Graham, and Stephen Thompson will be referred to as "normals." We check out the two books Glen assigned, talk about our reactions to the art, the pacing, and the general matter of WHO IS TALKING, and draw some conclusions about our future interest in this sort of thing.

After that, despite some serious misgivings about Thanksgiving (see what I did there?), we take a shot at naming some of the things we're thankful for, from adorable animals to wonderful gifts to that thing Trey keeps talking about that has something to do with Mahler.

Along the way, we opine about who has the most wonderful life in one Christmas classic, we quote Scrooge, and we try our very hardest to avoid falling into a state of what one of us disgustedly calls "schmoop."

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